Ditching the Lashes & Gucci Bags


No more lashes, Louis or Lamborghinis sorry!

One of the biggest lessons I learned when coming to LaVita as a city girl was the detachment from tangible things. This idea of having all these "things" to make you happy disappears when you start to live your new lifestyle. It doesn't mean it will be gone forever, it just gives you a break from feeling that societal pressure especially from social media that you have to look a certain way and have certain things to make you look successful on a screen.


I've learned that these physical things that we chase are empty (literally, you emptied your wallet to buy another empty wallet, sorry,  haha) and eventually will fade. While this way of thinking may not be true for all, I think by being here at LaVita you will start to appreciate the little things more and place higher value on the things that do not cost a penny such as being at peace, having clear skin, being able to eat healthier, being able to not rush conversations and most importantly having the best community of people around you that only want you to be well.


Now, don't get me wrong, I was a girl that was always lashed up, had a very expensive eyebrow routine and loved spending $80 on Japanese dinners BUT by being here at LaVita, I have learned so many ways to feel fulfilled by much smaller gifts that we take for granted everyday.


You become less of a material girl and more of an ethereal girl! I still take my eyebrow routine very seriously so don't say goodbye to your old life entirely. 

Teresa Sisi

May 2022