Travel Tips


  • Bring an unlocked phone with you, that way you can get a local SIM card and MXN phone number

  • You need to have a mask for indoor shopping and getting into Ubers, Taxis and buses

  • It is humid, so your hair will probably not stay straight

  • There is Walmart, Starbucks, and even Sally Beauty Supply

  • $1 CAD is worth around $15 MXN pesos; $1 USD is $20 MXN pesos

  • Picante means spicy

  • There are standard type A and B outlet plugs like USA and Canada.

  • A typical dining out meal will cost you $15-25 CAD (around $300 MXN pesos) in the Downtown area

  • It might be helpful to learn some Spanish

  • Humidity and heat may affect electronics if left out in direct sunlight; try to keep in shady cool areas 

  • There are buses and "mini-buses" that cost around $10-15 MXN pesos each way

  • There is Uber in Mexico, and is significantly cheaper than Canada. You can also use their Taxi services on the DiDi app.

  • Canadians can get up to 180 days (6 months) visitors visa at immigration upon arrival

  • It may be useful to have your vaccine certificates downloaded on your phone prior to boarding the plane

  • As a safety precaution, have photocopies of your passport, ID, etc.. and e-mail it to yourself as well

  • Mexico's emergency number is also 911

  • We try not to flush any paper down the toilet, you will notice this in public bathrooms as well

  • The beaches are absolutely breathtaking

  • The people here are all very friendly 

  • Consider your car situation at home and make arrangements prior to your departure

Teresa Sisi

May 2022