Cost of Living


Back in Toronto, average rent will cost you around $2000 CAD a month for a 1 bedroom apartment in the city and gas prices have now increased to nearly $2/L for regular! (as of May 2022).


So when you come to LaVita you will eliminate a huge stressor which is your cost of rent and transportation. By coming to work at one of our LaVita pods, your rent will be taken care of and your living accommodation will be located near a supermarket and other essential services. You will notice that the costs of everyday services might be significantly cheaper than at home or around the same.


The Uber seems to be much cheaper than it was in Canada and the cost of taking public transportation usually cost less than $1 CAD or $0.50 cents USD per trip. If you stick to purchasing locally grown fruits and produce you will notice that it is very affordable.


Dining out also seems to be much cheaper than in the U.S. and Canada especially if you dine in town and away from the hot tourist spots. While being in Cancun, Mexico $5000 MXN pesos which converts to about $350 CAD was enough to live off for 2weeks with weekend excursions, dining out, groceries and a gym pass for one person. Bottled water is significantly cheaper in Walmart at $8-11 MXN pesos which converts to $0.50 cents CAD compared to buying $3.00 CAD smart water at home. Another expense that I found significantly cheaper was the cell phone plans and SIM card.


In Mexico, we used a company called Telcel which costs $200 MXN pesos ($12 CAD) a month for a plan with international calling and data plus $75 MXN pesos ($5 CAD) for the SIM card which is a one time purchase; better than $60/month!

Teresa Sisi

May 2022