Temperature & Climate


Hot, humid, sticky! It definitely does take some getting used to, but when you do get acclimatized you will absolutely love it.


With more sunny tropical temperatures, you do get exposed to things that you may not have experienced at home such as: increased sun exposure, meeting new insects, the need to drink more water, the need to walk slower when outside and not leaving the house without sunglasses or a hat. Although you might experience some really hot days, your room or living arrangement will be equipped with all that is needed to keep you cool such as ceiling fans and A/C units.


The best part of the tropical climate is the effect it has on your mood, skin and hair. The natural source of vitamin D is sure to put you in a happy mood. The moistness in the air will give your face a dewy glow with no need for makeup. The humidity might make your hair grow in both directions, but it's fine, extra volume!


One thing you'll also notice if you are coming in from the city are the sounds of nature. The birds sing and chirp here and have become our alarm clocks in the morning, but it becomes therapeutic and is nice background music while you work remotely. Once you get adapted to the climate, you will appreciate it so much especially if you are planning on escaping winter.


If you are coming from a country that does not have a tropical climate, you may experience more thirst throughout the day due to the excessive sweating, but it's totally fine. Take this adjustment period as a time to detox!

Teresa Sisi

May 2022