Culture Shock & Pace of Life


Ok so you've moved to your tropical you've got to get to the grocery store. All the signs are in Spanish and there's no bus route to the Walmart down the street, what do you do?


Luckily, by the time you get to your LaVita pod there will already be somebody there who's lived there for a little longer and can show you around. It may seem difficult at first because everything is in a different language, but you will get used to it and might even encourage you to learn a new language in the process. Most of us had Duolingo downloaded on our phones so we could learn basic phrases and common words which is highly recommended. Also, most phones nowadays have a translator app built-in, but might be useful to find this prior to arriving to your destination.


Aside from the language barrier, another thing you will notice is the slower pace of living especially if you are coming from a bustling city. This definitely took some getting used to. Things tend to be moving slower or seem less convenient at first, but you will learn to love the lower stress style of living. Your heart won't be pounding uncontrollably for the littlest things like being stuck in traffic or the barista not putting your lid on properly. You ever heard of the term "island time", well yea that's it, but the best part is that you eliminate the stress of always being late because you no longer need to commute across town for work and can easily walk to a supermarket or local restaurant.


You will definitely notice that people are usually more friendly in the tropics than people in big cities which is something to invite and immerse yourself in not be afraid of. It is normal to make conversations and laugh together and should be enjoyed as much as possible!

Teresa Sisi

May 2022